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Well... this is my very first entry in this journal in 9 years... wooww a lot of time, since i made my first deviation. today i found myself in the mod to write, since english is not my native language, I apologize in advance if you find my poor grammar or I don't understand myself correctly.

  Now i have a family, now is difficult to find spare time to play with my figures, trains, and starships... monsters and superheroes, but now i have many projects, from a levitating barge as the jabba in return of the jedi, to a jungle, passing through a laboratory scale 1/12 for my colonial marines... and found really satisfying to photograph my collections.

The collections... Sometimes I feel a little confused finding the reasons why I collect, for anything I don´t think that there were issues unclear in my childhood, on the contrary, thanks to the Supreme divine had a very good childhood, good parents and generally good family.. But I have noticed that many people do not see it as well... in an effort to understand why we collect some looking to find reasons in lack or frustrated longings that could have generated during childhood. Indeed is a never ending debate, there are some good arguments in both sides. I believe that those who collect have a degree of appreciation of the reality that goes beyond reality in which they live, particularly in the science fiction refers to.

  Well  I will try to write more often, especially by that I've noticed that many times some here at Deviant Art has questions about how or Why I collect or where i get some things, the vast majority get I got them online at BigBadToyStore and e-bay, others have been gifts from friends and some of my brothers...others found them in here in México city flea markets, and for trains... The model Train where my brother and I play them, is a heritage left by our father, deceased more than one decade ago. Between my elder brothers and he took them nearly 30 years completing it, of course, just worked it in free time... but from a big family only played it two, one of my brothers and myself, that is why i upload a lot of deviations from that model train.

  That is one of the main reasons i collect... We inherited a model of trains with trains...

 The other reason is quite different... Being the last son, I started taking fewer toys that my older brother nearby... Not the one that use to play with Radio Control Submarines and trains with me, he is a great person, he is from the first three brothers in my family... this one i am referring is a quite different specimen, from all my brothers he was the most abusive, pedantic and annoying everyone. Always disturbing my peace with comments and when most guys dominating games and making nephews were (which are few years younger that we, being the first grandchildren of my parents) suffer in the games we have. Then... having grown up during the era of the masters of the universe, the Gi-joe, StarWars, the Thundercats, DinoRiders and other amazing toy lines, I started to reach my brother, trying to have the best toys... Then being adults this confrontation escalated, and sought to have the best collectibles, the most interesting or that represent more power or firepower,... I think that, in the end, nobody won, why also my brother made pieces its credibility and repute for other reasons. And besides that diverted his interest only to things big or with the most plastic, only in terms of size,  collecting all but without taking into account if you are even interested in history or Sci-Fi series or movies that represents the model or toy, then just happened taking Warhammer models painted as F-22 Raptor aircraft or mecha of anime without knowing that series are... I do not know if you understand me.. is how when you pick up a fossil, you save it and all that, but you don't never stop to find out which species or creature to leave it, or what geological period is...

  I comment some of this brother collection vs brother collection in some deviations... referring to him as the Antonian forces. To this time i find this competition funny,  with the passing of the years I am happy for that could collect things really weird or fun, but by that I also collect things really different, never collect or travel with the intent to sell and from animals, aircraft, ships, dragons, monsters, female figures, male figures, cars, robots, starwars, anime, startrek, lead figures, etc... Although I do not deny this event and some time I must admit that I've done some selling, but mostly i open all the collectibles, never thinking that I've reduced its value just to open it, never collect in an effort to complete the collection... always I focused on collecting what I like, so I don´t think that I have or will ever have a really complete collection. the only one that perhaps approaching that status would be the DinoRiders... Only one missing me, although I have dinosaur does not have the proper equipment. but it's not something that bother me and there are collections of my generation that I've ever had,... or I have very few articles, as it is the case of the transformers.

 Well... for now i am finish.